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Dr. Karla M. Calumet, PhD, MHA

As a health advocate with a doctorate in health psychology, faculty member, and research scientist, 

Dr. Karla has served as faculty for the Masters of Public Health

& the Masters of Psychology programs at both the University of Liverpool and The University of

Roehampton, London, as well as overseeing research studies and consulting on health and wellness initiatives. 

In addition, she teaches Health Law and Ethics at Boise State University. One area of her research examines how positive psychological factors, such as the phenomenon of hope, influence physical health and wellbeing as in her research, "

Breast Cancer, Mana'olana/Hope and the Experience of Native Hawaiian Women."

Managing Stress

Managing stress in daily living can be a challenge for everyone. Dr. Karla strives to educate individuals on how they can lean to balance stress in their lives and have more positive health outcomes. 

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